Inspiration of the month ...December... Poinsettias

The beautiful Simply Sadie Jane was the model for our floral of the month! Some might see them as a traditional Christmas flower that can be found at most grocery stores but Emily and I chose poinsettias for the big bold beautiful statement they make. 

Also known as the Christmas Star and Christmas Flower, it’s said that this winter flower’s association with Christmas comes from a Mexican legend. The story goes that a child, with no means for a grander gift, gathered humble weeds from the side of the road to place at the church alter on Christmas Eve. As the congregation witnessed a Christmas miracle, the weeds turned into brilliant red and green flowers.
While considered by the ancient Aztecs to be symbols of purity, in today's language of flowers, red, white or pink poinsettias, the December birth flower, symbolize good cheer and success and are said to bring wishes of mirth and celebration.

We paired this shoot with a beautiful head wreath, a dress from free people and it was a dream! I hope you enjoy and have the best holiday! 

photography: Emily Lowe

hair MUA: Vivian Johnson

model: Simply Sadie Jane  

dress: Free People